Who is Theo Hunter?

San Diego's female sleuth and investigative reporter made lots of enemies when, as an education reporter for San Diego‚Äôs major newspaper, she slammed half of the local school board for trying to sneak their brand of religion into the classroom. Then, she accused the other half of taking bribes from contractors who wanted to do business in the schools. She had the proof, but  was fired when both political sides lobbied the newspaper's advertisers to pull their  business.

Now, Theo works for Sam Morley, editor of The Tattler, a neighborhood weekly that became the monitor of the city's pulse. Sam is an ethics watchdog. He has his own history  with San Diego's biggest newspaper and his own axe to grind.

Theo is supported by a circle of friends who always have her back.

Frank Marino is her on-again/off-again love interest. After his stint as a detective for San Diego's finest, he was tapped for undercover work by the FBI. Frank fears for her safety and wants to save Theo from herself. She, of course, has other plans.

Abbie Archer is Theo's neighbor in the Las Casitas courts which Theo inherited from her grandmother. Abby is also Theo's best friend since fourth grade. Abbie is Theo's sounding board, her conscience and the one she relies on when facing difficult decisions clouded by moral judgments. Abbie suffers fools sparingly and owns Bailey's Pub a local hotspot in Hillcrest, San Diego's renowned gay community.