Deadly Little Secrets . . . All HELL just broke loose in San Diego— and investigative reporter Theo Hunter is caught in the middle of it. The slaying of a retired priest is shrouded in secrets, lies and cover-up. Was the old man the innocent victim of a deranged killer—or a pervert who deserved what he got? Theo is hell-bent to find out. But when her prime suspects are murdered, only one fact is clear … the killer will strike again.

Armed with nothing but a madman’s cryptic notes, Theo scrambles to decipher the clues while the killer lurks in the shadows, poised to silence her for good.

       Finalist in the 2015 Annual San Diego Book Awards Competition

“Highly recommended” -- San Diego Writers/Editors Guild

Dirty Little Murders (Book 1), Theo Hunter’s world just got kicked to the curb. Fired from her job, her reputation shot, and deserted by the man she loves, she didn’t think her life could get any worse. But when the grisly discovery of a friend’s battered body becomes a police cover-up led by her ex-fiancé, Theo vows to discover the truth. Soon, she is on a collision course with dangerous forces. Her meddling exposes a political scandal that threatens to topple the city’s powerful kingpins. Uncovering corruption at the highest level of government comes with a price. Unprotected and on her own, Theo becomes the target of a ruthless killer.

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